Greetings, traveler!

You have encountered the blog of one, Mia Lombardi, who has taken a recent fancy to speaking about herself in the 3rd person. She is convinced it gives her a clearer image of who she is as a person, and so it shall be. She is an Alabamian, but more specifically, a Mobilian as of the past decade. She likes to write because it helps. What does it help? That depends entirely on what the issue is.

This blog has no objective other than to keep a log of the journey that is life and all the discoveries that attend it. Mia is 28 and only just emerging from the Great Mother Womb, continually learning about herself and growing. She keeps getting bigger and bigger, in the metaphysical sense. She likes to talk about metaphysics, but in a philosophical context. She is not religious. She enjoys reading about evolutionary biology and delights in the minutiae of everyday life. Contained within you will find a working compendium of things she finds interesting enough to share.

Have you done something with your hair?


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